Copy For Your Records is

Frederick Butler: Operations, Motivation
Richard Kamerman: Curator, Shipping Department
Eric Ervin: Lunchroom Supervisor
Poet Axl Rilla: Administrator, Lima office

with inexplicable thanks to
Dan Reynolds; brilliant ideas, hi-concept/lo-brow

Copy For Your Records does not explicitly solicit demos but we will try to listen to whatever is sent our way. Optimally, your email should include non-expiring links where a representative sample of your work can be skimmed. We will subsequently tell you where to mail your CD-R demo if we are interested in hearing more. In the case that we liked what you had online but find your album demo boring, we may still be interested in developing an album with you but not releasing the one you sent. To be clear, our primary interest is in cultivating work that we either Love or Hate (or learn to love or even sometimes learn to hate). Anything that lives permanently in between is not as exciting.

We kindly request that inquiries of this nature go through our gatekeeper Cy:

Should the online ordering process cause you any trouble, please write:

In any other matters, I guess you should contact Freddy: